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Pawan Singh became a star overnight by singing the song ‘Lollipop Lagelu’, Bhojpuri got worldwide recognition

Superstar of the Bhojpuri industry Pawan Singh has become a topic of discussion these days. Recently, his wife Jyoti Singh made many serious allegations against him. Jyoti had lodged a case against Pawan Singh in Ballia Kotwali six months ago.

Please tell me that Pawan Singh’s fan following is very strong. Fans consider him as Salman Khan of the Bhojpuri world.

He has done it with everyone from Akshara Singh to Monalisa. People like his songs a lot. Any of his songs go viral as soon as it comes on the internet. It is known that one song changed the whole life of Pawan Singh.

This song became so famous that the whole world became a fan of this song. Today we are going to tell you about the song of Power Star Pawan Singh, which made him the biggest star of the Bhojpuri world.

Pawan Singh got global recognition from this song

Anyway, Pawan Singh Every day one or the other song keeps coming up. Recently, Pawan’s song ‘Lal Ghaghra’ came out, which was liked by the people. Khair Pawan Singh’s most hit song ‘Lollipop Lagelu’. This song came out in the year 2008.

Pawan Singh became a superstar overnight with this song. This song is heard not only in Bhojpuri and other parts of India but also abroad.

The surprising thing is that even a person who does not know how to speak Bhojpuri, this song definitely happens on his tongue.

It is known that the lyrics of this song have been written by Zahid Akhtar while its music director is Vinay Vinayak.

Pawan Singh lives in discussion

Apart from this, Pawan Singh has sung many superhit songs. Along with this, he has spread his charm in many films. Actors also remain in the discussion due to their personal life. According to media reports, Pawan Singh had dated Akshara Singh. However, both of them broke up later.

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